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                Electrical motor
                Die castings
                Gravity casting
                Low pressure casting


        公司ISO9001質量體系將接受正式審核 [2013-5-5]
        車間通過工藝優化,效率提高 [2013-5-5]
        英國客戶來公司考察 [2013-5-5]
        公司試運行“可追溯性”程序 [2013-5-5]
          Jiangyin JiaDa Machine & Electric Manufacture Co., Ltd was founded in 2007, total takes an area of 4,000 square meters, total building area is 5,500 square meters, and has fixed assets of 10 million yuan. JiaDa locates at Ma Town Jiangyin City of Jiangsu Province, it is the home town of a famous geographer, traveller in Ming Dynasty - Xu Xiake.

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